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What's this "sparkly" thing all about?

Spread the Sparkle: So what does "spread the sparkle" mean exactly? BeSparkly believes that every person has a magical glow unique only to them. This glow is our sparkle, our individuality while also our commonality. When someone has their sparkle on, they can light up a room, move mountains, or just simply activate other people's sparkle. Being sparkly is contagious.

If you're not sure where your sparkle is or when the last time you had it out to play was, go ahead and give yourself a smile, even if it's a little smile. As soon as the corner of your lips turn up, there my friend, is your sparkle. Now smile some more! ^^ Don't be stingy with your sparkle. Share it with yourself and then share it with others. And that is how you spread the sparkle!

The Sparkling Gem ~ Articles & Profiles

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         Kimeru's "K's Ark" 5th Anniversary Concert
         Julian & Co. "BeSparkly" Necklace

It's a Sparkly World ~ let's help it shine

Check out the new Sparkly Earth page for links and information about
       Global Warming and helping the sea turtles.


     Global Warming: Watch the Oscar winning documentary with Al Gore
     An Inconvenient Truth to learn the effects, realities, and looming dangers
     that face our planet.  Awareness is the first step to a better world.

Have a suggestion for an article?  Or maybe an idea about what makes the world sparkly ~ email us.  We want to hear what makes you feel sparkly!


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