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Little JULES "BeSparkly" Necklace

A BeSparkly Article by Amy                                                                        March 22nd, 2007

Not wanting to be left out of all the baby jewelry fun, I ordered myself a little JULES necklace even though I don’t have any children. And I’m glad I did because I love my custom made pendant and haven’t taken it off since I got it (except of course to take these photos).

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I've had the wonderful pleasure of knowing Tania, the diva-mommy that created little JULES, for many years.  She's always wanted children and when she announced she was expecting I knew she'd be just as loving a mother as she is a friend.  News of premature delivery to her son Julian, however, sent shockwaves of worry among family and friends.  Julian spent six weeks in the NIC unit, and Tania spent every single day by his side, each moment a precious gift of time.

Her husband Tony bought a personalized bracelet for their infant son only to discover it was much too big for his tiny wrist.  Tania, who has always had a flare for style that shadows anything I could whip up, designed her own little bracelet for Julian, one that fit him as a preemie so they wouldn't have to wait for him to grow into it.  And thus, after receiving compliments on the bracelet and developing a love of creating jewelry, little JULES was born in the spirit of celebrating the life of their child - and every child.

Through this whole process I was intrigued with her vision and the successful growth of little JULES, but I was also bummed because I didn't have any children or pets of my own to celebrate in style.  But then one day recently, as I was looking for new things to make me feel sparkly, I realized I had been practically stalking the little JULES website wanting a personalized pendant for myself.


In a sudden moment of clarity, I realized that BeSparkly was my "baby" and I wanted to celebrate my dream in style too.  Without hesitating, I ordered my own custom necklace and have found it is already my favorite accessory because feeling "sparkly" goes with everything. 


The front of the necklace has a set of adorable hand and foot prints...

...while the back of the necklace is custom printed with your choice of name and birthday.  I chose to have BeSparkly's official birthday put on mine. 

I got the most popular seller, the Julian & Co. for mom, which is a sterling silver disc pendant that measures 5/8" in diameter and a 16" sparkly ball chain.  With varying disc sizes and chain lengths, you can find the perfect piece for you and your child.  If you have more than one bundle of joy at home, spring for multiple pendants on one chain or start a collection of custom inscribed charms.


Whether you have a preemie, toddler, super-diva ten year old or a teenager that needs reminding that they are still number one in your book, a little JULES piece of custom designer jewelry may be the perfect way to announce your love and celebrate the life of your child. 


With styles and sizes for babies and children, gift cards for the expectant mother, sheik mommy and daddy designs, and ID tags for the family dog, there is truly something for everyone at little JULES.  And if you're like me and don't have any children or dogs, but have a cat or growing business, opt for the little JULES for mom necklace like I did.  Us single gals can be stylin' too!


My little JULES necklace perfectly embodies the essence of feeling "sparkly," so if you haven't found your sparkle today, check out little JULES for a dose of shiny, classic designer baby jewelry.  Your superstar tot will thank you for it!





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