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Kimeru's "K's Ark" 5th Anniversary Concert

A BeSparkly Article by Amy                                                                        March 17th, 2007

It’s not often one gets to romp half-way around the world for the fun of it, and it’s even less often that one gets to do it for the sake of seeing one particular concert. There’s not many people I’d travel that far to see, but Kimeru topped my list as the number one singer I’d hop the Pacific for.

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To celebrate his 5th year anniversary in the music business, Kimeru had a special concert in Shibuya, Tokyo on February 24th, 2007. Feeling the need to join in the celebration, I set out to get a ticket…and found my Japanese skills severely lacking when it came to filling out ordering forms and what not.


After harassing a Japanese friend to help, having the ticket mailed to an address in Japan, then to Chicago, then to me, I managed to get my hands on one spectacular, sparkly ticket to Kimeru’s concert.


But that was only the start of my journey.


A month after getting the ticket, I left Washington D.C. behind to join the throng of Japanese in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been to Tokyo before and I’ve been learning Japanese for the last few years, so it was easy to navigate the most populated metropolis in the world, but when I arrived at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall (newly renovated from the Shibuya Public Hall) to find two thousand Japanese girls loitering outside in the cold, I thought, “holy hell, did I really just fly across the globe to see a concert?”

And the answer was, “YES!”

Once inside, I found my seat and was pleasantly surprised to hear a run of pre-concert songs that oddly sounded just like a mixed CD I have in my car. Whomever on Kimeru’s staff (or Kimeru himself) that likes Green Day gets two thumbs up from me. Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Holiday eased me into thinking I was back home in the U.S., that is until I looked around and realized I was one of three non-Japanese people. But that just made it all the more fun.


When Kimeru appeared on stage in a silvery-white sea captain’s costume (I have no idea how to describe his outfit), he exploded into a ball of energy that truly demanded your full attention. I was happy when he took a mini-break from singing to talk about his five year journey from his breakout song, You Got Game, (which landed him the closing theme song for a popular anime called Prince of Tennis (テニスの王子様) and thrust him into popularity) up until the present day.


Most of his story blurred into a translation overload for me, but I didn’t miss his humorous antics that transcended all language barriers. They put a big screen up behind him of his head so we could see him better and at one point, he was chattering away and fiddling with his hair, so he turned around to look at himself, as though it were a mirror, and started laughing when he realized that when he turned around, he could only see the back of his head because that’s what the camera was filming.


And if I thought his giggle was cute from watching him in various videos, it was ten times more adorable to hear it in person.  He giggles a lot. And talks a lot, which was good for me because I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to see him in concert again, so it was refreshing when he took time to talk to the audience.


For the encore, he changed into casual pants and one of his concert logo t-shirts and waved a giant flag around (the Ark’s flag) to show his enthusiasm and never waning flood of energy that carried from the moment he stepped on stage until the moment he disappeared into the wings. After three final songs, he sent the band off stage to take his bows alone, holding a rather long bow with his head all the way to his knees in a show of humbled respect for the audience. That or he was showing off how flexible he was, but since he’s Japanese and the concert was in Japan, I’m going to stick with humbled respect as it’s a safe bet.


After the concert, I bundled up and headed back into the cold February night, more excited than I’d been before the concert, because Kimeru has that effect on people. From that one, two hour concert, I buzzed the rest of my week in Japan and all the way home to America with a renewed sense of what a real vacation should be.


ありがとう Kimeru. You made Ms. BeSparkly a very happy, very sparkly, fan.


 ♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆                                                                                  End



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